Benefits of investing in the PetronPay platform

A volatile asset

Due to strong price fluctuations, oil is a very volatile asset that exhibits attractive price differentials in a very short period of time.

Expansion plan

It offers a business incentive plan that allows for operating partnership, profit sharing, network / marketing and leadership bonuses.


Starting to trade in oil is relevant because this asset is easy to analyze and presents good opportunities for investors.

Passive income

Receive regular income without having to work, unlike active income. The simple fact of owning assets that generate passive income

Why invest in oil?

Oil has become a highly coveted investment product. It offers high volatility which allows CFD speculation on highs and lows in prices. There are many ways to trade oil, but the easiest and most profitable is online trading with derivatives.

Become a PetronPay investor

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Oil is a preferred investment that allows investors to speculate on the price of a barrel of oil. This raw material is indeed extremely volatile, which favors large price differences, even in the short term. Crude oil offers high liquidity and excellent profit opportunities under virtually all market conditions.

We are a company that operates and invests in petroleum assets that generate solid returns for our investors. Ethics, efficiency, transparency and profitability. It is on this fundamental basis of values that we have built PetronPay.

How to invest in petronpay? Or how to buy the barrel in petronpay?

✅Log in to your petronpay account then select the barrel to buy by clicking on the blue button located just below the barrel!
✅Copy the bitcoin address (the long code made up of numbers and letters that is in a white background)
✅If you have bitcoin in your wallet, paste the address in the “send” field of your wallet then the amount in bitcoin of the chosen barrel and you validate the send!
✅If you don’t have bitcoin; you can buy it from a seller directly or on any of the reliable crypto exchange or buy and sell platforms. 

Example: binance.com 

How do I withdraw my winnings from petronpay?

After withdrawal request, the requested amount is transferred directly to the bitcoin (BTC) address that you linked to your account! The link is done simply by copying your BTC address from your wallet and pasting it in “wallet” in your petronpay account.

All about the operation and the different levels of earnings in this pdf document

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